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Hello and welcome to my site. If you are familiar with software minimalism and Linux then I won’t explain everything since I presume you are aware of a lot more then the average Web user. I encourage you to email me on Webmaster (At this domain) so we can talk by email :D

But if you indeed are an average Web user then I can explain the following terms:

Software Minimalism

Modern software

Software Minimalism is about KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Simple, straightforward code is easier to debug, maintain and frankly does its job. It can include graphical interfaces, websites and even machine learning but since its following the principle of KISS it does not deviate from its intended function. Unfortunately most software is bloated beyond belief and often includes hilariously idiotic components, designs and complexity that make it hard to maintain, develop or even run.

"I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe” // some developer, probably.

In my experience it’s notoriously easy to overdevelop systems. I personally believe that a mixture of minimalism, separation and independence aid software projects. But in a world of tens of thousands of online dependencies, gigabytes of ads, “cloud” computing and software “Developers” those principles are hard follow.


Tux the pingu

“Linux” is pretty famous but in reality it is not an operation system but one of the core components of a collection of programs called Linux or GNU/Linux according to the FSF. Since many of the core GNU tools like word editors and basic commands are either too esoteric for average users or too mundane for Linux enthusiasts the GNU part is often forgotten. And Linus Torvalds is more approachable and marketable then RMS.

Linux in essence is your own computer system and it’s not up to me to decide your system. You can go for an easy to install version of it like Manjaro och Elementary OS or you can build your own version of Arch or Gentoo. You can more or less customize everything about it and make it free, open-source, Windows-like, Mac-like, private or anything you want.

It’s the wild west of computers, the hip, sustainable, anti-corporate, privacy respecting, based, red-pilled, “I know what I’m doing” chad of software. One of the best indicators of good and passionate developers is their skill and knowledge of the Linux world.


Cat and Mice

Me, the Webmaster. I built this site using the black arts of computer wizardry. It’s established that I’m some sort of developer/computer guy and that I do have opinions (chocking I know). Since I’m under no obligation to translate this site you will be forced to use software or simply know the language (or ask me). But since my Bachelors was in machine translation I believe you will be successful ;)